WPDB Power Tool Free Download

WPDB Power Tool Free Download Open Source Version

You can download the free Open Source version of the WPDB Power Tool by clicking Here. Make sure you understand the License agreement prior to download. This plugin allows you to do anything needed done with the WordPress database on the WordPress site it is installed on. It also however teaches how to build SQL as well as Stored Procedures as you go.

This plugin was developed as a result of having such difficulty accessing WordPress databases when needing to get things done and growing weary of explaining to client why we need access to the cPanel or other tools to correct WordPress issues and problems. The Response from WordPress for adding this was the following:

Unfortunately your plugin submission for WPDB Power Tool (wpdb-power-tool), submitted on 
April 25, 2021, has been rejected from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Plugins are rejected after six months when there has not been significant progress made on 
the review. If this is not the case for your plugin, you will receive a followup email 
explaining the reason for this decision within the next 24 hours. Please wait for that email 
before requesting further details.

If you believe this to be in error, please email plugins@wordpress.org with your plugin attached 
as a zip and explain why you feel your plugin should be accepted.

The WordPress Plugin Directory Team

Followed with this email:

At this time, we are not accepting plugins of this nature.

While the directory is open for all secure, GPLv2 (or later) compatible plugins, we reserve the right to reject any plugin on any grounds we feel are reasonable, whether or not they are explicitly noted in the guidelines.

What to do next

We know that being told we won’t host your code is hurtful, and we ask you please read this email in full.

If, at the end, you feel this decision was in error, please reply to this email with your plugin attached as a zip and explain why you feel your plugin should be accepted.

Why these kinds of plugins are not accepted

Plugins that allow admins to directly interact with the database are generally not permitted due to the exceptionally high risk/low reward use for them. While there are flaws with tools like PHP Admin, having WP perform it’s job is no better.

If you’ve gotten all the way down here and still think we should be hosting your code, we ask you not resubmit the plugin, and reply to this email instead.

WordPress Plugin Review Team | plugins@wordpress.org

Although the reason sounds logical enough it does beg the question as to why they allow the following three plugins on the https://wordpress/plugins site (which do the same thing listed above with regard to Admin access with less security consideration to the WordPress database):